What is the nearest airport?  Portland Airport (PDX) is the nearest airport, and it's about 90 miles from the venue.

What if I buy my seat, and then am unable to attend? We understand that things happen, but unfortunately all payments made are non-refundable.  If you are unable to attend, It is your responsibility to find someone to buy your seat. You can do this by posting on social media, in Facebook photography groups, or directly to our Facebook Page HERE. There will be a $100 fee applied to any ticket transfers.

Why is there a ticket transfer fee? Our workshops sell out quickly, and because of that, we are looking for committed buyers. Due to the extra time needed for follow up communication,  processing payments, and sending invoices, we need to charge a one time fee of $100. 

Is there camping nearby? Yes! Try Nehalem Bay, try Cape Lookout, Saddle Mountain, or Fort Stevens.

I booked an off-site spot, where should I stay? Manzanita is the cutest little town and has plenty of hotels and airbnb's within walking distance to the main house so you shouldn't have any problems finding a place to stay.

How many students will be there? 14 on campus and 11 off campus, for a total of 25 students.

When is check in and out?  For each workshop, check in will begin on Tuesday 4:00pm and check out will be at 11am Friday.

Is there wifi? Of course, we couldn't survive it there wasn't. 

How does the partial payment option work?  You will pay half upfront, and an invoice will be sent for the second half 2 months prior to the event. Due to the additional time necessary for follow up emails, payment processing, and sending invoices. Partial payments are $100 more than full payments.

Can my spouse/partner/friend stay with me at the workshop?  Yes! But only if they plan to also attend the workshop. Private rooms have king or queen beds so they're perfect for two people. Purchase ONE private room, and one OFF CAMPUS spot.

Are there carpooling options?  There will be a private Facebook group for the attendees to coordinate carpooling.

How many people are in the shared rooms? The shared rooms hold 2-4 people, in bunk beds. Everyone will get their own bed.

What kind of weather should I plan for? Oregon in the fall is...unpredictable. It will be sunny, and then a torrential downpour. Prepare for rain, bring a coat, and boots. 

How strenuous are the adventure-shoots? We LOVE our epic landscapes, so please plan for light-moderate walks to get to each location.  We promise it will be worth it!

Can you accommodate my dietary restrictions? TOTALLY! Meals will be locally catered dinners, and we can accommodate vegetarian, vegan, gluten and dairy free diets.  Please let us know ahead of time if you have additional restrictions.

What will the food be like? Pretend you're at a big BBQ, or potluck. Pizza, lasagna, pasta, burgers etc! 

What should we do for breakfast and lunch? Manzanita Oregon is a hip coast town, and has lots of awesome coffee shops, diners and pubs, all within walking distance. The main house also has a fully stocked kitchen, so feel free to bring any food items you might like, and prepare them at the house!

If I have to leave early, can I watch what I miss via Skype/Facetime? Unfortunately we will be unable to accommodate this request. The wifi can be spotty, and facetime calls often get dropped.

Do I need to bring towels, bedding etc? Heck no! We're staying in a big fancy house, and all of those items will be provided!

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