Every now and then we catch ourselves in inexplicably incredible moments that leave us so fulfilled and yet still wanting after them once they've passed. Moments that can't truly be captured by words and whose depth and impact can only be felt within the inaudible emotion left in our hearts and those who were there with us. Let's Go Workshop, is one of those moments. The energy of being surrounded by creatives who are all seeking to find what pushes them, humans who are full of stardust and extraordinary, and lovers who are being reminded that today is a new day and we need to play like children and fall in love all over again with what we do is completely breathtaking. I am so overwhelmed with ways to improve myself and my business and am reminded what truly matters- but more than any of that, I have found a community, a home, of people who care about me and I them. And I would not trade that experience for the world.You will leave with so many things like feeling excited about, and SO INCREDIBLY INSPIRED. In your art, in your life, in yourself. You will change. If I could go all day about this workshop I would, but I am so grateful to the teachers who rekindled the passion in our hearts and weirdness in our minds, and the students who were there alongside me so eager to learn and do it together. I love you Let's Go.

Naba Zabih Photography




The Let's Go Workshop is one of the best choices I've made for my business since I started! The teachers are so amazing, they fill your mind and heart with confidence and a knowledge that you can't get anywhere else. If you have a chance to go I would make it a priority, it will change you and the way you think about your business.

Christine Marie Photography


Let’s Go 2016 was quite honestly one of the best experiences of my life! I happily soaked up all of the knowledge and experiences the incredible speakers shared with us. The styled shoots were beyond imagination!  The resulting images reflect just how much I learned from these artists who shared their time with us. And on a personal level, connecting with and hanging out with the speakers and attendees was SO much fun! I had a blast sharing meals and singing karaoke with everyone and I have no doubt I’ve made lifelong friends. My advice: Go! I sure didn’t want to leave.

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Remember when you made the decision to leave for college, move away for a different job or trying to venture out of your state to try something new? At some point you always come back home to visit friends and family. The enthusiasm and excitement that goes with seeing everyone again. Well that is exactly what it feels like when you walk threw the doors and are greeted by the LET'S GO fam. From the start you feel like you have known them your whole lives and you are back to catch up on some good stories. To say this workshop is a smart investment is an understatement. You will be challenged, you will meet some amazing photographers from all around the world. You will dance. you will cry. you will laugh like you never thought you could. You will learn things that will be an asset for your business moving forward. But most of all you will form a bond with your group that will last a lifetime. I am excited to see how much this grows over the next few years. They have a home run workshop on their hands!! Invest in yourself, invest in your business and be apart of the Let's Go Fam! Thank you for everything!

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From the first afternoon walking through the door to saying farewell at the end, each and everyone of the speakers were so welcoming, genuine, and a friend. Outside of class time you could pull any one of them aside to talk about anything and everything you had thoughts about. They were open books and just wanted all of us to become better versions of ourselves. They attracted an incredible group of like minded creatives. We all made such incredible friendships in our time there, that I believe will be carried for a long, long time.  This workshop was the best thing I've ever done for myself as a creative and for my business. It renewed my faith in the community of this industry and I brought so much information home to better my business. Days after arriving home I still feel an extreme radiance from this time on the Oregon Coast. Thank you Let's Go family.

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From the moment I arrived, it was such an overwhelming yet amazing feeling of belonging. The instructors are so honest + open, passionate about teaching + geeking out over photography. You feel like an equal, a dear friend. So many beautiful friendships created... I already miss being there in person with everyone! Having the chance to connect with so many rad people, to learn + create with no fears, no competition only compassion, a new tribe to cheer you on... this workshop gave me hope again + revived my soul. I am beyond grateful

Erin Aasland Photography


BEST. WORKSHOP. EVER. I’ve only gone to one another one but this one blew my mind! It was very well organized, the speakers were all on point. Very professional but also super laid back! The dinner was amazing every night. The styled shoots were beautiful! Those were also very organized.  I would recommend 10/10 and I'm for sure going next year!

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The location was beautiful. The house was incredibly nice, large, and comfortable. Everyone involved was incredible.. words can't describe how absolutely unreal it was that every one of them was so genuinely passionate AND educated in their field of profession. If you want to improve your business in ANY WAY this is the workshop for you. I think I can speak for everyone when I say we all felt full to the brim with love and confidence in our abilities by the end of the workshop. I was motivated to do what needed to be done and felt hopeful about the future because of all that I learned. The tickets should have been way more. I would have spent an extra 1000 dollars going into it if I knew how amazing it would be. The food was A-MAZING. EVERYTHING was perfect. But the most important thing for me was the community of people. It was hands down the best week of my entire life. And I'm introverted but I was out dancing with everyone else come karaoke night. So that speaks volumes about how welcoming it was. ILY all, my Let's Go fam!

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