The location was beautiful. Everyone involved in running the workshop or speaking at the workshop was incredible.. words can't describe how absolutely unreal it was that every one of them was so genuinely passionate AND educated in their field of profession. If you want to improve your business in ANY WAY this is the workshop for you. These people went ABOVE AND BEYOND to raise The bar to a whole new level. I think I can speak for everyone when I say we all felt full to the brim with love and confidence in our abilities by the end of the workshop. I was motivated to do what needed to be done and felt hopeful about the future because of all that i learned. The tickets should have been way more. I would have spent an extra 1000 dollars going into it if i knew how amazing it would be. The food was A-MAZING. EVERYTHING was perfect. But the most important thing for me was the community of people. You would have to have been there to truly understand the amount of thought the passion that went into running this workshop. It was hands down the best week of my entire life. And I'm introverted but I was out dancing with everyone else come karaoke night. So that speaks volumes about how welcoming it was. ILY all, my Lets Go fam!

Carmen Pruett Photography

The Soft Season