Lets Go Workshop

Remember when you made the decision to leave for college? At some point you always come back home to visit friends and family. The enthusiasm and excitement that goes with seeing everyone again. Well that is exactly what it feels like when you walk threw the doors and are greeted by the LET'S GO fam. From the start you feel like you have known them your whole lives and you are back to catch up on some good stories. To say this workshop is a smart investment is an understatement. You will be challenged, you will meet some amazing photographers from all around the world. You will dance. you will cry. you will laugh like you never thought you could. You will learn things that will be an asset for your business moving forward. But most of all you will form a bond with your group that will last a lifetime. Invest in yourself, invest in your business and be apart of the Let's Go Fam!

Kilen Murphy Photography

The Soft Season