Every now and then we catch ourselves in inexplicably incredible moments that leave us so fulfilled and yet still wanting after them once they've passed. Moments that can't truly be captured by words and whose depth and impact can only be felt within the inaudible emotion left in our hearts and those who were there with us. Let's Go Workshop, is one of those moments. The energy of being surrounded by creatives who are all seeking to find what pushes them, humans who are full of stardust, and lovers who are being reminded that today is a new day and we need to play like children and fall in love all over again with what we do is completely breathtaking. I am so overwhelmed with ways to improve myself, but more than that, I have found a community, a home. And I wouldn’t trade that experience for the world. You will leave feeling SO INSPIRED. In your art and yourself.  I am so grateful to the teachers who rekindled the passion in our hearts and weirdness in our minds, and the students who were there alongside me so eager to learn and do it together.

Naba Zabih Photography

The Soft Season