The Let’s Go Team


Grace // Creator

Yo! I’m Grace of Let’s Go Shire, First of Her Name, Mother of Workshops, Protector of Education, and Breaker of the Bullshit. But you can just call me Grace. I created Let’s Go after years of attending bad workshops, and hearing horror stories from others who had too. I decided it was time we raised the bar for education in the industry, and here we are, 5 years later, still striving every single day to bring you the best education and the most kick ass experience possible.


Courtney and Marcell // House Mom + Dad

Meet Marcell & Courtney. They are true-to-heart Oregon natives and love the mountains and the ocean. They are also huge video game nerds and play the Nintendo Switch daily. They believe in laughing until you cry and crying until you laugh. They believe in changing the world with kindness. They like having long conversations about nothing and everything. They both want to hug you.



Oodie Taliaferro is a coffee professional based in Austin, Texas with the southern accent and nation-wide recognition to show for it. When they’re not designing beverages and pulling shots for their café, they spend their time discussing the best RuPaul’s Drag Race lip syncs of all time, watching TikTok, and hunting for vintage wares and wears around Austin and beyond.


Sam // Master of Epic Videos

Hello! I'm Sam, the other half of Cinematic Tide! Dani and I and our cute little daughter, live 10 minutes away from the coast where a bunch of the Game of Thrones scenes was filmed! We love making films and telling stories and taking lots of pichas! Fun fact! We have traveled to over 60 different countries and counting. This October, Sam will be there to tell little stories & moments on video. I love capturing emotions, lots of crazy energy and hearing all your stories. I also love to eat street food (yea I'm Asian.. yum!). Can't wait to capture all your beautiful people and loads of dancing!



Mission Statement

“Let’s Go Workshop is an inclusive and diverse, high energy, no bullshit place for learning, dancing, and finding a family in the photography community. A place where education is held to the highest standard, where experience matters, and where friends are family.”